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Super Mom

SUPER  MOM is a project initiative of Marg Foundation for creating a responsibility among ourselves.


The Origin of the Project started when the founder of this was practising in the Criminal court where everyday she used to observe number of children were abandoned or being Orphaned in dowry cases  and rape cases for no fault of theirs they had to face a life without any love and care,  These children were sheltered in different homes but they only had their basic needs fulfilled but any human being needs feeling of Belongingness without which a quality life cannot be led,  She alwys wanted to support these children in a best way but could not give a direction to her thought,  Once on her business trip to Germany she was discussing some social issues with her German colleague on some context told her we never let our people suffer or beg this was the triggering point in her life which made her put a step ahead from not only being an advocate but start an NGO to create a difference in a life.


Every child in an Orphanage or a home gets the Basic needs But Do our children survive only on these?  Why are these so called abandoned children getting attracted towards the Negativity or the anti social elements of the society, What is it that is making these children inclined towards these negative areas of the society. The so called terrorists, naxalites, gundas and other rowdies identify these children’s weakness and attract them by showing them the belongingness to get their motives met once these children are into this it’s a web for them, they start rotten the society And the nation in turn is becoming weaker where are we playing a role here how is it that we can contribute to the society, As the Logo goes If not we then who else, so lets join adopt one Child Emotionally lets love him and he in turn learns to give love care and we teach him the same Give him a direction, motivate him inspire to make him the best identify his hidden talent and strengthen it mould him the best possible way that he never gets attracted to the negative.


Marg in News
Marg Foundation an NGO started with a
cause to not only take but create a social
responsibility in the society ,No NGO or


Marg Foundation an NGO started with a
cause to not only take but create a social
responsibility in the society ,No NGO or
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