Marg Foundation  
Women Legal Forum
Awareness of Legal rights and duties to women, young girls.
Women body consisting of 5 women from top caders.
  1. Honorary members Retired women judge.
  2. A leading lady Doctor.
  3. A corporate personality.
  4. Eminent advocate.
  5. Enterpremum women.
Advisory Board
Heads of all political parties and NGO’s indiciary.
  1. Corporate - Women
  2. Students - Women
  3. Doctors - Working
Cards will be given to the members, - Membership card.
Toll free number
Letter to Cyberabad Hyderabad commissioner, High Court chief Justice, Mahila Mandals, Home Minister, Women & Child department minister, Law minister objectives
Ensuring participation of women at all levels and sections of Governance
  1. Strengthen access to justice rule of law, culture of Gender equality and peace.
  2. Contribute to elimination of violence against women.
  3. Implementation of National and International treats and cantonments related to gender equality.
It helps the women create a forum for net working & business development.
Women empowerment Legal forum - Workshops.
Affiliation from foreign Universities for certification.
One day workshop for Legal forum for business women Legal workshop.

An independent institution to facilitate redress of grievances in cases of actual Violation of existing Law and to accelerate the social and economic development of women.
The Mandate is seeking justice for women and to safeguard then rights and promote women empowerment.
Improve status of women and to unique into unfair practices affecting women.
To study the luaus in force for equality and fair treatment to women.
Speedy divers of cases pertaining to women in the courts and acquire justice at the earliest.
Report the court about unfair practices towards women / girls, resorting remedial action.
Study and recommend welfare missions to be adopted and implemented by Government.

Nature of cases includes maintenance and welfare of parents.
  1. Domestic Violence.
  2. Dowry harassment.
  3. Sexual Elder abuse harassment and abuse.
  4. Work place harassment.
  5. Service matters.
  6. Missing rape, kidnap cases.
  7. Young girls cheated by unmarried and married even complaints can be written or mailed a toll free number is given for emergency or vianet. Personally can report the problem and seek redressal. The problem will be deal be team of experts from psychologists to councilors and legal consultants and also private detective wing after through verification.
Women Shakti India will take up counseling to secure speedy settlement of disputes related to marriage and family affairs if not approached to cant proper guidance will be given to women how to approach the authorities to settle then matters.
Marg in News
Marg Foundation an NGO started with a
cause to not only take but create a social
responsibility in the society ,No NGO or


Marg Foundation an NGO started with a
cause to not only take but create a social
responsibility in the society ,No NGO or
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